Tarotbytes: 2 of Swords


There are a variety of meanings associated with this card. It seems to me that many are tied to the Pamela Smith artwork found on the RWS deck, focusing on the blindfold…indecision, stalemate that sort of thing. Other interpretations are more conceptual, like feeling caught in the middle of conflict, forced to be peacekeeper. As a martial artist, the meaning that resonates with me the most is Diane Morgan’s “mystical unity”.

Why my martial arts side? The card art reminds me a little bit of double jian…a taiji double straight sword clinic I had once…difficult but fascinating. The straight sword is often associated with female warriors, as it takes patience and precision. It isn’t a whack and hack kind of weapon. This card has a bit of that same elegance. A warrior…not a soldier, but the spiritual warrior we see in Kung Fu, Samurai, and Native American traditions … has the same ‘mystical unity’. They do what they do for esoteric reasons as well as the practical ones.


The idea of “mystical unity” isn’t just for martial artists. It is open and available to everyone. ┬áThe connection itself really isn’t that much of a mystery. ┬áThe mystical connection to the Two of Swords is both simple and wondrous: it is a feeling. It is our sense of connection with the universe, creation, creator, cosmos – all that is esoteric and real beyond the physical. This connection is happening when something feels magical, mystical, spiritual and special.

That’s the mystical part. The “unity” part implies something more. It’s not just a one-way communication. It’s not just feeling the mystic – feelings that, naturally, come and go. This is more about a deep connection, where we not only sense the universe but live in concert within it.

We are part of the universal everything as a drop is part of the ocean.