My Tarot Valentine: 8 of Wands

This week I’m looking at cards from a romance and relationship perspective. Today, 8 of wands. This card was suggested by Roseline at Feng Shui Steps. If you ever have a question about Feng Shui, Roseline is the go-to gal. Her blog is a wealth of knowledge and wisedom! 

Have a card you’d like to see as a Tarot Valentine daily meditation? Please suggest a card in the comments below.



There are a variety of meanings for the 8 of Wands. I think of wands as symbolizing our relationship with ourselves. You wouldn’t expect a high number wands card to resonate with the idea of relationships, but as I see it, it fits in exactly with the “be your true self” “let your light shine” part of finding your soulmate.

When I draw in my favorite two references, Diane Morgan and Ted Andrews, I see a connection to relationships two ways…one for new love and another for more established relationships.

Both A.E.Waite in “A Pictorial Guide to the Tarot” and Ted Andrews in “Animal Wise Tarot” see the 8 as swift movement and advancement. I associate this with that marvelous moment at the beginning, just before meeting or having just met that most special someone. There is a sense of “brace yourself”. It reminds me of that time of waiting, seeking, attracting, hoping, longing…building to a peak and then shattering into a glittering shower of perfection when that so-perfect someone finally comes along.

If this card shows up in a romance reading and that is the situation, look for progress, or at least energy, shifts and changes. I read this as largely positive, hopeful, a ‘yes’ sort of card. Soulmate is here…or on the horizon.

Diane Morgan weaves in more of a gestalt notion…her spin on the card is more for either someone with more waiting to do, or that is already in a life relationship. In either of those cases, the idea is “gestalt” or “ten thousand things” .  It is a validation of all that is possible. For someone still not in a soulmate relationship, this can be a reminder to keep a broad focus…don’t put on blinders or let themselves be blinded by hopes or expectations. In other words, scan the whole horizon, not just stare intently at one spot. Look to the big picture so you don’t miss something … or someone … important.

For married folk or established relationships, the idea is the same – a reminder of the big picture. This is where the flames of new love shift into the glowing smolder of a life together. We have to remember, that even in a relationship we are each whole people.

Here I am reminded of that nifty new advertising campaign by android phones “together but different” or something like that. Even in a lifelong, soulmate relationship, each partner is a whole, complete person…not identical clones or some piece of a person jigsaw-puzzeled into the larger paradigm of the relationship. It is about the bigger picture of two whole, complete, complex, wonderful people building some even bigger, more complex, more satisfying, more wonderful – together. The 8 of wands reminds us to keep that wholeness in mind. Don’t get so caught up in US that we lose the individual parts. Celebrate the parts of them that you don’t share…it is part of what you fell in love with in the first place. That isn’t to say infidelity is ok…but it does say that it is OK that you both don’t have all the same hobbies or same tastes. It is OK to like different flavors of ice cream. It is OK to have different political opinions. Share the important things, and allow the others to KEEP both of you whole. Don’t cut off key parts of yourself .. or the other person…for the sake of the relationship. Allow those things to make the relationship stronger and more rooted. Even a very old oak tree still needs its tap root.

So if the 8 of Wands comes to a romance reading…keep the big picture and brace yourself for good things to happen!

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