My Tarot Valentine: 7 of Wands

Love good food? Visit¬† Thanks to Kelli for suggesting today’s Tarot Valentine card. Kelli’s Kitchen is one of my favorite food blogs, and as much as I love food, that is saying something!


I see all we can be together, and will do all I can to lift us up.

The way I read cards, I tend to see wands as reflecting our inner world, our relationship with ourselves more than relationships or romance as we typically think of such things when we are part of it. When you are in a relationship, the focus tends to be in tight, filled with the other person, filled with your feelings for them – as it should be. But when you want advice or guidance about a relationship, often it pays to take a step back and not look at just them, or just your feelings…but rather look at the relationship as a system. Wands always ask us to understand our part in things, grow inside, and bring our best selves to the situation. The seven of wands is asking all that and just a bit more. It asks us to be our best selves, but also to see the potential of the situation as a whole. Instead of just looking at the Earth, or just at the Moon, look at the beautiful dance they do together.

It’s a matter of symbiosis…when the two together are more than the sum of their parts. The potential in a relationship is more than either person alone. ¬†The Earth and the Moon aren’t just two round things in space going in circles. There is life, and tides, and moonlight and all the poetry those things inspire….and more. Romance and relationships deserves that same kind of attention. What is the greater combination beyond just you or just the other person? Are you two peas in a pod or wildly opposite, as tight together as two magnets? What is the potential and beauty in that third thing, the relationship itself…each of you plus the dance you do?

Why not look for the ‘together’, the dance outside yourselves, and lift it up to all it can be.


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