My Tarot Valentine: 8 of Swords


I love you enough to be patient with you


A.E. Waite in “Pictorial Key to the Tarot” describes the 8 of swords as a card of “temporary durance rather than irretrievable bondage”. Diane Morgan shortens that to simple “Steadfastness”. In other words – “hang in there”. I would also add a note of creative problem solving, a sort of “find an alternate way forward” to non-romance readings. For this context, my attention is drawn to the idea of “endure”. Not everyone reaches the place of being ready for their soulmate at precisely the same time. Sometimes one partner has to endure a little loneliness and alone-time before the other partner is ready. Or it just might take some alone-time on both parts for the two to geographically find each other. This reminds me of that song “you can’t hurry love”. The Universe provides – on its own schedule, not ours. The most profound things grow at their own speed. If you are waiting for your true love, the waiting in itself can be an act OF love. For those already in a relationship, it goes without saying that a little patience and support goes a long way.