My Tarot Valentine: The Chariot

Shout out to Kelli for suggesting today’s card. (Mmmm you should see the pie on her website from yesterday’s post)


When I give you my heart, my attention follows.

It is one of the grand lessons of the universe to never take the ones you love for granted. Life is too tenuous, too uncertain. Things can move fast, like a chariot.

I always like to think of the Chariot as the ‘test pilot’ card. You have to focus on here and now or you fly into a mountain. Chariots were the jet planes or super cars of their time, and you had to pay attention to what was going on in the moment while you were driving a little wooden cart behind a couple or four big galloping horses, or bad stuff could happen.

When it comes to romance and relationships, the advice is simple. Pay attention. This, as with our time and patience, is a gift of love. Or as Emerson credited for saying “The greatest gift is a portion of thyself”.

In this case, the danger is greater for the long established relationships & families. When love is new, it is natural to give it rapt attention. After time, comfort increases but sometimes attentiveness wanes.

As fluff and superficial and annoying as the Americanized “Hallmark Holiday” version of  Valentine’s Day can be, it does serve an important purpose. Take away the “saint”, take away the lust and Lupercalia,  take away the social pressure to be in a relationship, take away all the sap and shimmer…in other words FOCUS on the important stuff…and what do you have left? A simple heart. A reminder to show love in meaningful, not so materialistic ways. A heart shaped box of chocolates is great…got to love that!… but a simple gift of time and attention can mean everything – to a child, to a spouse, to a lover – to anyone who cares about us.

Happy Valentine’s Day