From the Archives: Yes or No Readings Predict the Future?



Q: If ¬†Tarot, psychics and oracles can’t make predictions, then what good is a yes / no reading if it doesn’t tell you what you should do?

A: Yes/no readings do the same good as any reading, because no intuitive reading explicitly tells you what you should do. Only your own heart, wisdom, intuition, logic and reasoning can…should…do that.

The whole purpose of any reading is to give you ideas and information to work with in weighing your options. It’s about sparking your creativity and insight. Readings aren’t about telling you what to do, whether they can make predictions or not. It’s no accident that the Justice card shows the classic symbol of balance scales. Consider all the options…question everything! While that can be associated with modern science, that kind of rationality, reason and logic is very much a part of intuition and spirituality, except we tend to call it “discernment”.

Intuitive readings and cards are not exactly a quartz-accurate measurement. Like any human communication, there is plenty of room for misinterpretation and misunderstanding. Any good reader understands this, and we all know that it is up to you to understand and apply what is said…what we are told by spirit / intuition isn’t suitable for blind faith on either or our parts. We psychics trust our process, and how we communicate with spirit/intuition…because we have worked with it, observed it, tested it, worked with it some more…the intuitive process has won our trust over time. And it should be the same for you, the person getting the reading. You don’t have to take anything I say on faith…test it, taste it, kick the tires…you have to decide if the reading is right for you, if and how you want to use the information, if this is the answer you need or if you need to keep searching. That goes for any reading of any style and any size.

Yes or no readings in particular are lightweights in the discernment process. They really are in the realm of a magic 8 ball toy… remember those? Statistically, logically, they are just as likely to be “accurate” as a coin toss. It might be right, it might be wrong…a binary yes/no data set really isn’t a lot of information to help you figure something out. Even if you throw in a good old fashioned “maybe” that is only three possibilities to work with.

Let’s go back to the scales on the Justice card for a minute. Imagine weighing two options that otherwise seem equal, facing a balanced scale with no clear decision. The pros and cons, pluses and minuses all balance out. A yes/no reading is really just meant to help you break the tie and loosen up the gridlock of minor decision making. I wouldn’t suggest using it to decide something major like getting married or a big career move. But it might be a way to tip the scales one way or the other when all else is equal, “six of one, half dozen of another” as the saying goes. It isn’t the whole body of evidence by any means…it isn’t the whole decision of what you should do…but a yes / no reading is one pebble to throw on the pile of pebbles on one side of the scales or the other. It might be the thing to tip the scales, or it might not, but a yes/no reading can play a small part in the overall process of decision making.

Time and again, the best analogy I’ve found for a “modern oracle” is gps…a nav system gives you advice about which route is shortest, even traffic, other options, and a good restaurant…BUT you are still the one holding the wheel with your foot on the pedals….YOU are the one deciding whether it is safe to do what the gps says or not. Expecting a Tarot or psychic reading to tell you what you should do is a little like strapping your Garmen to the steering wheel and asking Siri to drive your car for you.

Sounds snarky, but it’s true. I suspect that is part of why readings have a ¬†dodgy reputation even in this modern era. Of course psychic readings are a bunch of hooey if you are asking it to do the impossible and judging psychic work by that impossible criteria alone. I don’t know how – or why – people have come to expect this sort of thing to exactly predict the future. It’s a bit like asking your smart phone to drive your car, or saying a hammer is a useless tool because you can’t fry pancakes on it. There is a lot to be said for using the right tool for the right job.

That being said, yes/no readings are a tool for breaking decision gridlock…not as a substitute for the decision making process itself.


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