Tarotbytes: 3 of Coins


“Don’t think your way into a new way of doing, DO your way into a new way of thinking”

I have no idea where I heard that adage. There is a lot to be said for making and doing. And it is no accident that the 3 of coins is associated with both skill AND creativity. It sounds like a contradiction, but mindfulness and mindlessness sometimes go hand in hand….and busying your hands is often the perfect way to free your mind, let go of stress and be in the moment.

Zen has a saying “Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water”. Anything can be a peaceful, stress relieving meditation. The more mundane, mindless and repetitive it is the better. Sometimes I get my best writing ideas while washing the dishes. Adam Savage, host of one of my all-time favorite TV shows “Mythbusters”, commented on just that a few episodes ago. He was talking about plaiting leather for the Indian Jones whip episode. He’s right – repetitive things like that truly do have a soothing, meditative quality. Just ask a knitter. Or someone who says a Rosary on a regular basis. Or meditates with a mala (beads) or mantra (chant).

I get especially jazzed about the “maker” kinds of meditative activity. When you are done, you have something useful…which lends and extra helping of satisfaction to the whole thing. Again I have to throw this idea back to Mr. Savage. Check out his speech to the 2012 Maker Faire on youtube… I totally get it about the happiness after making the cardboard guy when he was a kid. That is the kind of happy doing creative things gives me, too – writing this blog, for example. And knitting is a kind of making, just as much as metal work or something – just sayin’.

Another way the 3 of coins may relate to activity is another, classic stress management technique: Tai Chi and Yoga. Not every gets serene sitting still. Just like keeping your hands busy doing something easy and repetitive that doesn’t take a lot of concentration…which in turn lets your mind relax, and be in the moment…doing well practiced whole-body movements can be relaxing in the same way. If fiddly little things like knitting or whatever are just not your cup of tea…a broader activity can easily serve the same purpose. Just as a runner.

You may be wondering what this has to do with you (yes you – and you know who you are). What are the things to consider when the 3 of coins turns up in a reading?

Coins as a suite has to do with work, wealth, job, career, the physical realm of living. It may reflect physical world things you have had come through your life lately – whether it is a big thing like a job change or a new house, or something small like yard work or rearranging the furniture. Often coins cards have to do with work, but the 3 in particular has a wider view and incorporates other aspects of life, too.

If the focus or concern of the reading is, indeed, job or career, sometimes this card can be a clue to find the more creative, interesting parts of work. Find creativity and satisfaction where you are – chop wood and carry water so to speak. Sometimes this could be read as making a change to a more creative career path…but I see that energy more often with the Ace of Coins than this card. This card is about more day to day things than that kind of epic shift. This card is about that happy little maker energy. There is a more right here, right now vibe to this card.

Sometimes it is as simple as a little passing boredom, or relative calm. If things have been stressful and full of changes, sometimes when things finally do calm down and get good again, it can seem boring by comparison. You don’t stop a freight train on a dime. Humans are creative, active creatures for the most part. Sometimes we just get bored and restless. That is a good thing (you don’t want the Hermit to come along later and tell you things are getting stagnant, right?). The moral of that story is it is OK.

Today, the 3 of Coins isn’t bringing some big profound message. It is more along the lines of indulge in a hobby….let your hands find some easy work to let your mind, at last, unwind. It’s OK –  things are good enough now that you can relax a little…knit that scarf, take that run, build that refrigerator crate robot…enjoy some active diversion combined with mental relaxation. You’ve earned it.