Cartomancy, “telling fortunes” or seeing the future with regular playing cards is a very old practice. It’s roots are unclear…no unlike the blurry history of Tarot and its transition from game to oracle. The modern playing deck has fewer cards than the Tarot deck. Even the fanciest gaming decks are downright austere compared to Tarot cards. That is precisely what makes cartomancy a good learning tool for those interested in Tarot. There is less confusion and distraction…less to stimulate your intuition, but also less to overwhelm it.

As I wrote in #PeaceTarot, gaming cards are an easy way to make a Tarot selection for your daily meditation. Just use the joker for the fool or innocent card, then use the suite and number to correspond to a card in the minor arcana: cups for hearts, coins for diamonds, clubs for wands and spades for swords. For example the 5 of diamonds would be read as you would the 5 of coins, meaning compassion, like we’ve seen in Tarotbytes posts and recently as a “My Tarot Valentine” post.

With practice, you can use that one-to-one substitution of meanings as a starting point, then enrich the card meaning with your own direct intuitive understanding: mental images, mental sounds, phrases, imagination…ta-DAH cartomancy.

To learn more about how to do daily meditation Tarot readings for yourself or to get a more detailed description of this substitution style of cartomancy, please consider purchasing a copy of #Peacetarot for Kindle HERE (still only $0.99 for 2015).

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