Card of the Month: 3 of Coins

3CoinsFirst of all…thank you everyone who has been sending questions for the free spring season card readings. You can order yours HERE

Second … thanks to Kate ( and Kelli ( for making some really cool suggestions for upcoming post series. Ideas are already starting to percolate (hmmm…suddenly want another cup of coffee). Like Rachel Maddow says – watch this space.

Third – DOH! Just realized I hadn’t pulled a “card of the month” yet. I like the idea of the month / day thing. Will have to “just do it”

Which, drum roll, is the basic idea for this months card. It came up the other day, and packed a bit of energy, so am not too surprised to see the card again in this capacity.

The interpretation fits this month, I think. Making and DOing can be meditative, and empowering. This is the season for it, even though many of us may not see it today as the things we are doing still involve ice and snow. But that will change, possibly quickly. The old adage about March coming in like a lion and leaving like a lamb isn’t fantasy. This is the transition month from freezing to planting, at least in our region. Hard to believe that within weeks it will be back to (ugh) yardwork. (Insert resolution to try and keep ahead of it this year). I love cool weather…so this is my chance to do that kind of thing without roasting.

But that is the easy basic theme…DO something. Anything. This card is just reminding us of the good it can bring. Not only does it accomplish the thing that you do, but it can also bring pleasure in the form of the sense of accomplishment you’ll have when you are done, and in the form of the sense of mindfulness, of here-and-now, as you are actually in the process of doing it.

I especially like this card at the winter holidays when I’m most attuned to my inner maker-fairy, creating gifts for the holiday. But there is stuff to do and stuff to make in spring too. That brings Leprechauns to mind here a little…they are supposed to be shoe makers aren’t they? And I associate them with fun and playfulness (and trickery and mischievousness) so that all fits the idea of taking pleasure from purposeful activity. Make sense?

Enjoy your making and doing this month – may it be mindful and happy.