Day and Month card: Ace of Coins and 3 of Coins

Let’s do the same thing with coins that we did with cups:


Walk your talk. Words are empty unless they are lived by someone. Actions speak louder than words.

Learn but do, think first, but then move, theorize, but also experiment. Both mind and body work together to move mankind forward. Einstein’s thought experiments were later proven by active observation and experimentation. The same pattern exists in intuition and spirituality. We may claim go believe something, but what use is it if we don’t live it, or worse, act contrary to it. 

Hypocrisy serves no one. 


Cyber Sabbatical: During the spring season I’ll be unplugging a few days here and there to get some non-blog work done.


Unless, of course there is an emergency. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for phone, party or in-person readings even if the blog goes quiet for a day or two.