Cyberspace Tinker-fairy

Maybe it comes from being a William Gibson fan. Online is cyberspace, the non-computer world is meatspace, and each has it’s own sort of veracity.

Maybe it comes from listening to intuition and energy. To me, websites are like rooms, homes even. The appearance and energy matters. A website can reflect the author’s image just as much as an office can. Especially when you look with intuitive eyes – as I hope all of you are when you read Modern Oracle.

That’s why I’m restless about themes, backgrounds & organizing the website. I want to use new features or new graphics to keep making things better here. I want to make Modern Oracle Tarot welcoming, comfortable, uncluttered, easy to use, streamlined, informative, a little Zen with a whole lot of Spirit and sprinkled with magic.

It’s a lot to ask from a free blogging platform and somebody (me) with no coding ability whatsoever. I mean, I wish I could slap electrodes on my head like in Neuromancer and tweek holographic projections like in Iron Man and make it really awesome here, butĀ for now we’ll have to settle for being as un-cluttered and un-amature as I can muster.

Am especially fond of the make-space sort of concept. “Only the empty cup can be filled” – so thanks for hanging in there with me as I try to make this a cyberspace that invites in love, wisdom, insight, prosperity, happiness….and you.

If you have any problems or complaints about the website or how it works, please let me know. I’m not adverse to further tinkering as needed!


“Red Tinkerbell” by “Fallen Trinities” licensed free to share and use