Card of the Month: The Fool



I detest April Fools day. Hate it.

So I’m fighting back…with the Fool card. April Fool’s day is, at its root, mean spirited and demeaning. Pranks are based on dishonesty, and find their humor at the expense of trust. Even if the modern-era incarnation of the day has harmless intention, that doesn’t change the essence underneath it all. I see it as being like the old adage “just because you can doesn’t mean you should”…by the same token, just because you mean no harm, doesn’t make it harmless.

The Fool card is, in my mind, the opposite. The Fool here is a comedian, not a prankster, healing with humor and showing us our absurdities. Real humor is funny because of the truth it contains…not because of the advantage it takes or the trick it plays. The fool reminds us to play. In play and humor there is no division or demeaning or dishonesty.

The Fool is also in keeping for the time of year…new beginnings (not making fun of people who keep a different calendar, or hoaxes for whatever reason, or whatever nonsense started this whole thing). It is the start of the hero’s (our) life journey. It is positive and bright like new flowers, hatching eggs, baby animals.  The world may see it as foolish, but the Fool is hopeful enough to begin, and begin again.