Merry First Monday in April

Just a few quick light housekeeping things:

  • This month’s special offer is a FREE three card yes/no cartomancy. Order yours HERE. Remember, in keeping with the Fool, our card of the month, this is all fun and giggles, not predictions. Magic 8 ball ain’t got nothin’ on me.
  • May 9, 2015 at 2pm I’ll be teaching “Modern Oracle: Intuition for the 21st century”, a workshop to enhance your intuition and learn some Tarot basics. Location: Bridgeville Public Library, 505 McMillan Street, Bridgeville PA. The workshop is FREE but space is limited, so please call 412-221-3737 for more information or to register
  • It’s that time of year. Will be taking a blogcation day here and there. Thanks for hanging in there during the short sabbaticals. Looks like we will mostly be stay-cationing this year, with relatives visiting us for a change…so I don’t expect any interruption in e-mail readings this summer. But I will be taking time off to clean like a crazy woman.
  • Hey Pittsburgh! IF someone offered “Tea and Tarot” private sessions, say, outdoors on a shady, cool, private front porch in nice weather, would you be interested?
  • Not a lot of psychics can (or want to) do readings by email. Even though they are EXACTLY the same information for you, they take a little more work on the reader’s end. (Or so I’m told by several of my colleagues. For me, it’s easy as breathing. I still think it is the writer thing.) What that means, is e-mail gets first dibs on my time this summer. I need a little advanced notice to accommodate phone, party and in-person sessions, but will get you on the schedule asap.
  • Want your reading TODAY – as in right now, ASAP?…e-mail is the way to go! I can get that back to you in a matter of hours, not days. No waiting for an appointment, E-mail readings contain exactly the same information I would say to you in-person anyway, so you might as well save money and get it faster, don’t you think??



Get your e-mail reading now, no appointment needed – don’t wait days for an appointment or make a dozen phone calls to find a place that is open.

E-mail readings are identical to in-person ones. You get the same information no matter whether I write it to you or say it to you.

Save $5 over comparable in-person sessions.