Q&A: Why Would My Oracle Cards Say I Would Find My Soulmate?


Q: Why would my oracle cards say I would find my soulmate?

A: This is a hard one to answer without knowing  a little more.  It’s hard to see the problem with oracle cards telling you that you’ll find your soulmate. I’m guessing it is safe to assume that you were asking your cards simply “will I find my soulmate?”

If that is the case, what’s wrong with taking “yes” for an answer? Why ask why?

Will you find your soulmate? I don’t know…I doubt cards do either. A better question would be how to find your soulmate or how to be a good soulmate and attract yours…but we’ve talked about that in other posts.

For now let’s assume you asked IF you’ll find your soulmate and the answer was yes, you would.

My guess is that you are not really wondering why so much as when, a question more like “why would they say that when it hasn’t happened yet?”

In which case I ask this: Why should the cards, the universe, or your soulmate operate on your schedule? It is hard enough to get people’s schedules to match up for simple things like meeting for lunch or going to a movie. In that case, how can we ever expect to put a time table on something as cosmic as meeting your soulmate?

Or maybe, just maybe, the answer is yes because you already have met your soulmate and don’t realize it because of who you want or expect your soulmate to be. You might be over here pining away after Rufus while your true soulmate Xavier is right under your nose but completely off of your soulmate radar. That kind of thing is why I believe expectations are toxic to psychic readings. As I see it, you don’t have to believe in psychic readings for them to work…you have to do something much harder. You have to be open to the experience. You have to be willing to look at your blind spots, a much harder thing to do than just “believe” in the abstract concept of intuition or oracles.

Maybe the cards said you would find your soulmate because you will – IF you make certain choices, take certain actions. That’s why I believe your choices are far more powerful than any prediction by any card or any psychic. Oracles are at their most powerful and most “accurate” when they are used to make good choices, not make “predictions”.

It is easy to take yes for an answer when you realize “yes” comes in many, many different forms.


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