In The Cards: King of Clubs

 “In The Cards” is a series of posts looking at cartomancy, in other words, doing intuitive readings with the modern gaming cards. 


In my Kindle e-book “#PeaceTarot” we talk about different techniques for choosing a card for a daily Tarot meditation. If you don’t have Tarot cards, you can still use the book and the daily meditations in it. One way to pick the card (and thought) for the day is regular playing cards and a simple substitution: Wands for Clubs, Coins for Diamonds and so on. Engaging with the Major Arcana has an extra step, but that is covered in the book. Here, we are just going to concern ourselves with the minor arcana of the Tarot.

Today’s card is the King of Clubs. If we were doing the book substitution, that would give us the King of Wands in the Tarot deck. For now, let’s use that as our cartomancy foundation (you can do cartomancy directly, without making a Tarot connection – we’ll cover that later)

So the King of Clubs leads us to the King of Wands, which is traditionally read as leadership, courage, authenticity, self-expression.  Any King card is going to bring to mind leadership & decisiveness.  As I see it, Wands (and so clubs too) has to do with our internal world…in essence our relationship with ourselves.

Put those together and the meaning is easy…responsibility, taking charge of your own destiny by owning your own feelings, decisions, actions and consequences – and then taking charge of how things go from now on.

In short, the King of Clubs encourages us to own our decisions, actions and consequences – if it’s good, keep up the good work and feel good about what you’ve achieved. If things could have gone better – own up to that too – but kindly. And then as much as humanly possible, do better next time.


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