Tarotbytes: Death



“Unyeilding hardness is death’s companion.” – Tao Te Ching*

My husband is in a band – he’s the new drummer for Egomyth. Let the fangirling commence! Among others, “Movement is Life” is one of my favorite of their songs so far.

The idea of equating movement…and change…with life is old. It’s obvious. Dead things don’t change. Change is one thing we can count on in life. It’s essential.

“Cowards die many times before their deaths, but the valiant taste of death but once” – Wm Shakespeare (Julius Caesar, Act II)

Both Taoist and Buddhist thought teaches that resisting change causes suffering. That isn’t to say we have to be early adopters, jumping into anything, or be blown around by the slightest breeze. Using reason and good judgement isn’t resisting change…it is embracing it because reason and discernment helps us to make changes work in our favor…helps change be for the better. We don’t have to be happy about losing the things we love. Losses are a change that happens. So are gains. We don’t have to embrace all changes – only acknowledge them, and choose as best we can for the situation. Abiding with inevitable change is abiding with life itself.

* Tao Te Ching quote via www.TaoTeChingDaily.com