5 of Coins: Compassion for Nepal



5 of coins: Show compassion to those who need your help

You trust me to do readings for you, so I’m trusting you not to take advantage of this – no fibbers. May your pants burst into flames if you do.

Here’s the deal. Make a donation to Red Cross, Doctors Without Boarders, or the Nepal Earthquake disaster relief of your choice…

Tell me about it HERE and get a FREE  3 card pathway reading as my thanks to you for helping and to encourage everyone to contribute as they can.

This is the regular pathway reading, not limited to yes/ no questions….so ask whatever you like (keeping in mind all the zombie cat rants about predictions and so on)

Offer ends May 30. Not transferable. No monetary value. All readings for entertainment only. E-mail only – phone, in person and party readings not included in special offer.