Reverse Engineering and Tarot

78 cards in most decks, multiplied by however many keywords and meanings per card, multiplied further by the number of cards and position meanings in a card spread, times the meta-analysis of the entire pattern, all raised to the power of intuitive and situational understanding = Tarot is a really darn inclusive, expansive, and useful tool for advice, understanding, spiritual growth and an empowered life.

Even with that kind of calculus, sometimes it is hard to match the just-right idea with the just-right card energy. For the Tarot reader, the obvious and easiest place to start is with the cards. If a single card doesn’t hit the bullseye, the elegant patter of a card spread (with the attendant position meanings and implications will turn on the light you need.

But what if the light you need is a laser instead of a bulb? As huge as the Tarot lexicon is, the most rudimentary vocabulary to be fluent in a language takes hundreds and thousands of words. (Which is why the only thing I can say to a Klingon is ask for chocolate and the only thing I can do in Spain is ask for the restroom – both very important phrases though, you have to admit)

ANYWAY….my thought is: what about going in the other direction? Can we reverse engineer the just-right card from a word  or question…then go back from the cards to other known, connected meanings for further insight? Can cards be like the “operator” in the Matrix instead of the oracle? Can cards be a clearinghouse for creative connections instead of a wellspring of answers and inspiration?

My guess is yes. Look at David’s (@myownminister) #leximancy tweets. (I used to think I had a good vocabulary until I came across this guys tweets – whew! Word workout!) Not wanting to invade his turf, every now and then, just for fun, I’d like to ‘reverse engineer’ a card.  We’ll start with a word, phrase or idea and end up with a card, and come back to a different word.

Essentially that is what happens in a tarot reading…we start with a question or concern, go to a card, and come back with new ideas and advice.

Tarot is old. Society, life and technology is dynamic. Reverse engineering Tarot is a good step toward keeping Tarot modern, relevant and useful.

Tomorrow: Reverse engineering Tarot & social media



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