Reverse Engineering: Queen of Cups the Q

In our busy modern lifestyle, it is hard to really unplug and mentally renew. Professors aren’t the only ones who need mental rest, time to refresh, renew and study. Yes, study. The best teachers are life-long learners too. (I’m really starting to like that word, learners. Think that is what I’ll call people who come for readings instead of “sitters” or “seekers”. It’s more empowering of what they already know about their spiritual path. ┬áBut that is a whole other blog post)

In the spirit of half a loaf being better than none and quality over quantity…let’s take a quiet moment to reverse engineer a little bit…what card would most represent unplugging, disengaging from electronic devices, a “cyber sabbatical” if you will. What card rules the staycation?

Today it feels like the Queen of Cups. Classic associations with the Queen of Cups are inner quiet, introspection, intuition. No matter what we are doing in our outer world, we can, in essence, change our location in our inner world…we can go on vacation on the inside with only minor adjustments on the outside if we let ourselves be open to it.

I suggest the backyard beach. It is a small click in outlook, but as with every shift in mental paradigm it is easier said than done. Instead of focusing on the fact that you can’t cruise the Bahamas, make yourself a banana smoothie and sit on a lounge chair in the back yard, front porch, roof top or whatever you do have at your disposal. The Queen of Cups isn’t a very humorous or goofy card at first glance, but maybe, just maybe a little goofy will create some space for inner quiet. While you are sitting there sipping your smoothie in the middle of urban chaos, on the inside you can be thinking…or not thinking…as long as you are engaged with yourself and not social / cyber interaction the Queen of Cups is in charge.

Cyberspace to Queen of Cups to Inner Quiet. Did you ever think your cell phone would lead you there?

The suite of cups is associated with water…so will take the Queen’s advice and find a little inner quiet at the local pool. Heaven knows it won’t be outer quiet, but there won’t be any inner gyrations of writing or productivity either.

If I don’t talk to you tomorrow, have a safe and happy Memorial Day in the U.S and a Merry Monday everywhere else too.