Q: Will I find someone nice soon?

A.  We’ll get to the Tarot deck in a minute, but bear with me for a bit…this needs to be said first.

Do I see you finding someone nice soon? No – not because you won’t meet someone, but because I don’t predict the future…no one can. Whether you meet someone or not rests in your hands, and to some extent theirs. The things you do and choose will determine that…not some vague fate or destiny. The old ways of knowing the universe said that…back when we thought the earth was flat. Now we know better. We know of quantum physics, and multiple dimensions and so much more. My goal with <i> Modern </i> oracle readings is to bring Tarot in alignment with the modern world, in other words, the whole point of this is to help you to put your life on the path toward love coming into your life…not predict if or when.

For focused questions like this with a ‘predictive’ focus…a one card reading is usually the best choice. This is an idea or theme that will help you start in the romantic direction you wish to go.

RWS_Tarot_14_Temperance         Your card today is: Temperance (in reverse)

Some older style readers would change a cards meaning to its opposite if it turned over upside down relative to the person doing the reading. I like to take a more ‘big picture’ point of view, and consider all possible meanings of a card anyway, If one is reversed like this, it only serves as background context or a hint that the issue at hand is being slowed or bogged down somehow.

Temperance has to do with balance. The feeling here is that you are starting to become so laser focused on the idea of finding someone nice that you are letting the rest of your life fly by unnoticed. You are at risk of putting all of your energy there, tipping everything else slightly out of balance.

Don’t forget that basic spiritual law of “like attracts like” – which is one of the most important lessons we all need to learn in finding that special someone. That “someone nice” you want to meet…would you want them to be focused on just one aspect of life, or would you want them to be connected with you on many levels…able to talk about work and hobbies and be with friends, in addition to focusing on the two of you? BE the kind of person you want to be with. That isn’t to say, that you two will be some sort of odd twins…but basic world views should resonate somehow. For example, here in the States we have a famous married couple (Jim Carville and Mary Matalin) who are both political analysts and campaign managers…but on totally opposite sides of the political spectrum. Everyone always wonders how such a far left liberal and a far right conservative could ever get along. When you see them interviewed together, it looks for all the world that they care for each other a great deal, and are a very sweet couple who have been together a long time. The thing is that I think they are both cut from the same cloth…they both value public service, they both love their home city and culture, they both have other similar interests outside of politics, and they both put each other over their political differences. I don’t know them, obviously, but that is how they seem on TV. See what I mean about like attracts like without being identical?

Birds of a feather really do flock together, even if those feathers seem opposite colors at first glance. Live a full, well rounded life…BE your fullest, best and truest self…that will send a signal out to the just-right person to be with you. Accept and love yourself for who you really are, so you can attract a person who accepts you and loves you for who you really are and lets you do the same for them.

The bottom line is to live a balanced happy life not obsessing about being in a relationship. Enjoy life to the fullest as it is right here, right now. You’ll be surprised at what a powerful signal to the universe that can send.

I get this question very, very often. I’d like to share an anonymous version of this answer on my blog, because I get the sense there are others who need to hear this now, too. Who knows? Maybe your special someone will read it and it will pass the good vibes along!


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