Q&A: Same Question, Different Day.

Q: Why do Tarot cards give me a different answer to my question every day?

A: Let me ask you this…why are you asking the same question every day? Why didn’t you trust the first answer?

I suspect three things are going on: time, expectation and reflection.

Time passes and life goes on. With each passing day, people change their mind, new intentions are set (see also “Alice gets it right, Twilight Tells the Future“). With each passing day things get done. Things that were just plans a few days ago may be a done deal reality now. Even if you are asking for guidance and not a prediction, the advice is going to change subtly depending on your new place in time.

Think about driving down the road with your eyes closed. Imaging that your gps is the tarot cards. Ask “when do I turn”, you might get an answer like “in one mile”. Wait a bit, and ask again “when do I turn” this time the answer might be “in one half mile”. Wait again…and the answer becomes “five hundred feet” or “too late you missed it”. All different answers to the same question as a function of passing time.

MOST of the time, in my experience, when people keep getting readings for the same question in rapid succession, it is because they are just not getting the answer they want. They are blinded by expectations. Interpreting intuition isn’t an exact science. The different answers just might be the same thing said in different ways in an attempt to get the message through. For example, if you only expect the answer “blue”,  and then you you miss answers like turquoise, aqua, cyan, cobalt, sapphire or some other synonym. More often, it is different iterations of a message trying to make itself heard over an outright rejection. People get frustrated when they really want the answer “yes” but keep getting different answers like no, nope, no way, not happening, nada, zip, zilch, forget about it.

It’s been said that a wise sage is like a mirror. Tarot can be that way too. If you are asking the same question multiple times, clearly you aren’t confident in the answer, or in the situation you are asking about…otherwise you wouldn’t be asking it in the first place. If the readings are erratic, they could well be reflecting and magnifying your uncertainty. Again, if you were confident in the first answer, you wouldn’t need to ask again. If the situation was the same, you wouldn’t need to ask again either. So the multiple answers you describe could well be a reflection of either a very dynamic situation, or a simple lack of confidence.

If there are any Neil Gaimon fans out there, it is like the TARDIS said in “The Doctor’s Wife” the episode he wrote for Doctor Who…”I may not have taken you were you wanted to go, but I always took you where you needed to go.”. The answers that Tarot gives are reflections from within you. Tarot shows your inner wisdom which always gives what you need to know, not what you necessarily want to hear.

This kind of reflection isn’t a bad thing. I see it as the most powerful part of Tarot. If it can reflect and magnify uncertainty, how much more can it reflect and magnify inner wisdom and inner beauty too.


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