Q&A: Yes or No Cartomancy about work

Pulled this up from the example pages. “Cartomancy” is a general term for using cards to do psychic or intuitive readings, no matter what kind of card deck you use. In practical use, though, it has come to mean psychic readings with the modern gaming deck. Functionally, it works exactly the same as a Tarot reading. If you are uncomfortable with Tarot card images (as some people are for religious or other reasons) I can use playing cards instead of Tarot any time you like…no extra charge. Since there are no major arcana cards (the ‘face cards’ fill their role when you are using gaming cards) the readings tend to be particularly light and low-key, making them a nice choice for first-time readings or anyone feeling nervous about a reading for any reason.

Q: I have several projects on the table. One would require me to collaborate with another musician. The rest are all solo projects. As far as the work they will take and how much chance they have to earn anything, they are all pretty much the same. The people I’d be collaborating with don’t seem to care when we do this. I want to be able to work with the band, and don’t want to make them mad. But my gut says do a couple of other things first, with the collaboration in the middle of the list. What do I do? Make the collaboration my first priority or stick with my to-do list?

A: That is a little hard to fit into a yes/no question, so I will go with my gut a little bit here, ok? Let’s deal the cards based on the question being something like “Is my to-do list the right thing?” Sound fair?

And answer is “maybe, leaning YES”

The yes/no card is the 4 of hearts…what is your love in the physical realm. What is your hearts real priorities is the feeling that comes here. An easier way to say that would be ‘follow your heart to your real priorities’. My feeling is that is your to-do list rather than the other people, especially since you said “they don’t seem to care” when you do your collaborative project. If they are cool with being in the middle of the list, why not do it that way? What is the down side, especially if your enthusiasm or inspiration carries you through the first part of your list quickly and easily anyway? Will it delay things that much, really? If you aren’t hot to collaborate right now, isn’t there a chance that could drag that project down, give you all a lower-quality experience, plus delay the solo projects at the end of your list even more? Seems like following your heart and to – do list is both logical and productive (not to mention emotionally satisfying).

Things working for you: Ace of Diamonds. This feels really straightforward – it feels like a hint that you have things ordered in a way that gives all your projects best possible chance of success, although after putting a couple of books and blogs out myself, I get it how iffy creative projects can be. I’m relieved you aren’t looking for hard and fast predictions in that department (you know how I feel about those)

Things working against you: Ace of Clubs. Don’t psych yourself out. Clubs have to do with your inner world, so the danger here is you being your own worst enemy. It will take some work to keep everything in balance and in perspective, but it can be done. Don’t get down on yourself if you don’t meet everyone ELSE’s expectations perfectly. Don’t hurt other people or thier feelings, of course, but is OK to carve out a little time for yourself. Don’t go all selfish either. The feeling here is that things are actually more balanced than they feel to you. Keeping a “gut check” on your perceptions and feelings, feels key. “Keep it real” comes to mind. Stay calm, and create on…it will work out. Trust yourself is another key idea.

Scrying / Impressions: Not much coming through here. Just a solid calm feeling. Allow yourself to be self-confident is the impression here.

And there the energy steps back.

Good luck!