Q&A: What If It Is All Just My Imagination? – updated

This question came one Fall a few years back. The question is the same. I’ve streamlined the answer a little bit, but it is essentially the same – just a few less grammatical errors. If you are the one person on earth who hasn’t read the Harry Potter book series or seen the movies…spoiler alert.

Q: What if all the things I think are “intuition” are really just imagination? How do I know it is real? What if I’m just making all this up?

I have a friend who teaches intuition development classes all the time. She gets this question all the time. I’ve heard that question a lot too. We’ve both asked it ourselves. My guess is everyone who is serious about psychic work has wondered about the difference between tapping into intuition or “just making stuff up.” It’s an important question…keeps us honest and keep ego in check.

It isn’t easy to answer, but I think J.K. Rowling said it best in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” …“Of course it’s happening inside your head, Harry, but why on Earth should that mean it is not real?”

Harry was unconscious, possibly dead, and we see his conversation with the definitely dead Professor Dumbledore. That makes it a particularly potent example, especially at Halloween, when death and the after-life are such prominent themes. We have been talking about spirit guides and guidance from crossed over loved ones. But are we and Harry imagining the whole thing? Are we just “making stuff up” when we tap into our intuition, or listen to higher guidance? Is it wishful thinking? Is it just emotionally charged imagination? Maybe.

My question to you is what difference does it make?

My answer is NONE. It makes no difference at all, simply because our minds…AND our imaginations…are part of the seamless, greater whole. We, our wishes, our minds, our emotions, AND our imaginations are all part of the universe.  Our mind and imagination are also part of  the time-space continuum that connects right here, and right now to all that is,  to all that was and all that ever will be. In essence, imagination and intuition touches everywhere, everything and every-when. If intuition is listening, then imagination is talking and both together come to a deeper understanding.

We tend to equate play and imagination…trivializing both in the process somehow. Play, psychology has learned, isn’t trivial. It is how we learn on a mental and physical level. Imagination is learning on a spiritual level. Imagination and intuition are as real and valuable as any other method of thinking and understanding. Logic needs imagination to create and innovate. Imagination needs logic to manifest in the physical realm. Both are part of the greater whole. Both are valuable, both are necessary cogs in the machinery of a lifetime.

Your imagination is a real and valid part of you. You are real. Your imaginings are real. Your emotional responses to what you imagine are real, as are the lessons you learn from that experience.

Other people can’t see, react to, or have feelings about what you imagine…but you can. Just because something isn’t tangible or “real” to the outside world doesn’t mean it isn’t valid part of your inner experience of life. Imagination is real to you, if not to everyone else.

Harry gained understanding from his encounter with Dumbledore. It was all in his head…AND it was real.

So is intuition just your imagination? Yes. Thank goodness.


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