From the Archives: Q&A: The Secret To Making Dreams Come True

Q: I’ve read the book “The Secret”. I have a clear vision of the career I want, and how well it will turn out. I can see myself as an officer in the military, wearing the uniform, and having a good career. How can these visions help? How does this means of making your dreams come true actually work?

A. Good question!  The answer is a little complicated – a little yes and a little no.  In my opinion, you can create your own future…but it doesn’t work quite the way it they make it seem. You DO create your own future, BUT you create it through your choices, what you do, what you say…or what you choose not to do or not to say…not just by sitting around thinking about it. Magnetizing, drawing things to you has its place, but it is not the entire process. You know that yin-yang symbol in marital arts? It’s true…you can’t have yin without yang and vice versa. Just physical effort won’t get you where you want to go, you have to use your head and your heart too. By the same token, mind without action and effort won’t get you there either.

I believe visualizations are important and useful. But they are to guide, decide and motivate not to do the creating or attracting all by themselves.

You mentioned visualizing yourself as a successful military officer.  That vision, and your intuitive response to it, can help you decide if this really is the right career path for you. It can guide your choices in working toward that goal. You might want to choose to do ROTC instead of playing football for example. Or in a heated moment, your visiualizations might help you choose not to throw the punch that would land you in the brig instead of landing in officer’s training. Those are just examples…nothing literal…but you get the idea.

If your goal requires a lot of sustained work, effort, difficult choices, or sacrifices, it’s easy to get down and discouraged sometimes. Visualizations can help you stay motivated. If you are in the middle of some really suck-ish basic training, visualize the end result that you’ve seen before to help you hang in there.

The law of attraction and similars is a real thing…like attracts like. It doesn’t magically deliver a particular future, and visualizations won’t give you the exact details of what the future holds, BUT your heart and mind-set will attract like minded people into your life and will make your journey easier and more fulfilling. As you learn, grow, work, visualize, love and live your dream – you might find old friends fall away and new like-minded people start to come into your life. This removes the drag negative energy people can put on your progress, and adds positive energy people to help you keep growing. So focusing on light, compassion, your goals does help bring good things into your life, but in this supportive way, not a direct POOF magic way. Visualizations, the law of attraction help make the path possible…but it is ultimately up to you to walk that path and manifest your dream through mind, body and spirit.

Does that make sense?

Best Wishes to you!



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