Q&A: Roses, Names and Tarot Cards

Q: What is the difference between spirit guides and guardian angels? What do they have to do with Tarot Cards?

A: This question is a little tricky to answer, as the really good questions always are.

“Guardian Angel” is challenging for me because it is drawn from the lexicon of religion and no doubt has meanings, connotations and implications that I don’t know (or care to know). That being said, from my outsider’s  perception of what “guardian angel” means, the two terms are the same thing.

Which begs the question of “What is a spirit guide?”.

Think “intelligent interface”.

You had to know I was going to roll out a Doctor Who analogy sooner or later, right? Well here it is.

In the episode “Let’s Kill Hitler” (written by Stephen Moffat), The Doctor, nearly incapacitated by poison, needs information from the TARDIS and asks for a holographic interface. The interface takes the form of various past companions. The Doctor rejects each one for various reasons, but finally settles on the image of a young Amy Pond obviously feeling an emotional connection. He can learn what he needs from the TARDIS because of his connection and resonance with the holographic interface the TARDIS provides, even though the inspiration he needed comes through the illogical, almost cryptic “fish fingers and custard” comment by the interface.

And so it is with spirit guides and guardian angels. We seek to learn, to grow, to benefit from connecting with the Cosmos at large. We are a part of it, we are one with it, but in our human form we need a way to communicate with it…just like the Doctor needed to communicate with the TARDIS. Spirit guides and guardian angels are our interface with the cosmos.

He could have learned what he needed with any of the interface-forms. He could, in theory, gained inspiration from any of them: Sarah, Rose, Donna, Martha…but it was the young Amy with whom he was closest. That similar vibration, that resonance, communicated the needed idea faster and easier than the other forms might have. We choose the interface form that we learn from the best. Be it angels, totem animal, or ancient goddesses, Greeks or Egyptians, spirit guides take the form we most need – just as the TARDIS interface did.

Yet interface doesn’t quite capture the whole experience.

In the age of the internet we all have online friends. People we’ve gotten to know and genuinely care about…yet have never actually seen. Think of the holigraphic TARDIS interface infused with all the intellect and emotions of your sight-unseen Tweeps and online friends…that is closer to the feel of it. It doesn’t matter if you choose an angel-interface or a guide-interface, the relationship, the emotion, the reality and the learning are still the same underneath it all. It is all still greater truth behind it…just like all the holograms had the TARDIS behind them.

Now for Tarot Cards…where do they fit in?

For some people the cards are the interface. I don’t entirely like that idea because it ascribes supernatural ability to something that clearly isn’t. Cards are just cards, not spooky superstitious know-all, tell-all ooogie booogie things.  I think they aren’t that special.

As I see it, the cards are the door into the TARDIS. They are the portal and the key that helps us open up to the real interface. Card are the entrance that lets us into the presence of the source…

Tarot cards are the key that opens the door into both the interface and the TARDIS.  Cards are just a tool to help us access our intuition / guides / energies/ angels that in turn act as our interface with the Cosmos at large.

Or if you are not a sci fi fan…then Shakespeare had it right. If a rose by any name smells as sweet, then truth and love by any name or face touches our heart as much.


image by http://ohf-ckno.deviantart.com/art/Tardis-Wallpaper-386209946 under creative commons 3.0 license