Q but no A

Q: Will Auntie find love? I want her to be happy.

A: First and foremost …. awwww that is so sweet of you! I feel bad I can’t give you an answer. Let me explain why…maybe in a round-about way the explanation will contain some tiny something that can give you an idea about how you can help your Auntie. It is pretty repetitive, all stuff I’ve written a dozen times before. But hang in there with me….thanks for letting me put this on the blog…it might help someone else too, so your kindness will maybe lead to something nice for lots of people.

Anyway, here is why I can’t say if your Auntie will find love…

  • Tarot cards and psychic readings don’t predict the future – They can see the direction things are heading and see the possibilities – but never predict absolutely. Even the very best psychics in the world know their limitations. If a psychic claims “100% accuracy” that is a red flag in my opinion. I suspect there is a lot of insincerity, ego, or greed behind a claim like that.
  • Your future is up to you – and her future is up to her. You can’t make those choices for your Auntie or force here to think or do one thing or another. Her choices are hers, it is her path to walk. We can help, encourage, and voice our opinions, but in the end all we can really do is respect other peoples choices and the path they walk.
  • It takes two to tango – Relationship readings are tricky even when a question is about your own love life, much less someone else’s. There is someone else involved that we are almost forgetting entirely…Auntie’s love partner. Whoever that “love” is, they have choices that are part of the mix and a life path that is to be respected as well.
  • The BIGGEST reason I can’t and won’t answer this question is privacy matters. I know you mean well, but I don’t know that Auntie or her love-interest wants me to be mucking around looking at their hearts and minds without permission. The kinds of energies and choices we look at in a reading is intensely personal stuff. I can’t in good conscience try to sense something like that without their knowing consent. I always say put the shoe on the other foot…how would you feel if you found out some stranger from the internet was looking at who you love or what you might do and then spilling the beans to someone else without your consent? If I think about it in those terms it feels kind of stalker-y and creep-y (although I know that isn’t what you are intending here at all). Still, I wouldn’t want to be part of that kind of icky energy or put someone in that kind of uncomfortable position, even on an energetic level.
  • There is no predicting the future anyway. Reading are for advice, guidance in making those choices to help set your path toward love…but all the stuff about choices and privacy aside, Tarot and psychics can’t predict if she or anyone will find love. We can see probability, and which choice may have the greatest chance of success…but will she or won’t she? Don’t know.

I think it is really sweet of you to want the best for your family member…that much is clear. But in all fairness to her and her potential love interests I just can’t answer this the way you want or expect.

That being said, best wishes to both of you!


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