Creative, Intuitive, and Brilliant

Thank you to for sharing this in response to Q&A: Tarot on Deck. This is wonderful! Tradition and following intuition in the moment combined – genius!

I’m going to share a short story, in part because it’s a bit funny, but also because it’s totally on topic with this.
A good friend and former co-worker of mine used to have 3 boxes in her office on the shelf behind her chair. She never had anything but the tablecloth, the recorder, and a timer on her table in front of her. When a client would sit down, the first things she would tell them were “Take a sip of your water. You look tense.” (We gave out free water to anyone who bought a reading.) Then she would ask them “Box, bag, or stones?” Depending on the answer she got, she’d swivel in her chair and pick a box. In the box was her deck. She had the same deck in each box. However, the contents of each box were slightly different. In one, she just kept the deck in it’s original box. In another she had the cards loose and free in a “Special velvet and satin tarot bag blessed by both a Blackfoot medicine woman and a Gardenarian HP”. In the third, she had her deck loose and free of the box, but scattered around with crystals and stones. She would tell people the stones were to cleanse, recharge, and protect the deck.
Her reason for doing this was very simple. Everyone is at least a little bit intuitive, some more than others of course. But if their intuition led them to pick a specific box, then it told her what level of showmanship the client expected. Plain box in a box readings were done strictly no-nonsense intuitively because the people who picked it weren’t expecting a show. The ones who picked bag typically expected a bit of mystery and mysticism, but in general a pretty run of the mill intuitive session. When people would pick the third box, they expected a full on Miss Cleo type of experience, and she never disappointed in that respect.
When clients would ask her why she does the 3 box thing, she always told them that in order to get a good reading from her, she needed the client to put a little bit of themselves out there, too. If they were drawn to a specific box, then who was she to get in the way of that? Plus, it gave her the PERFECT opener for a client who might be interested in learning Tarot to ask and learn about superstitions regarding choosing and maintaining their decks.
I always thought it was quite clever, especially because she would put the boxes in a different order every day she worked so that no one would know which was really which.