Q&A: Can you do party readings with oracle cards?

Q: What’s the difference between Tarot Cards and Oracle cards? Can you do a party with oracle cards like you do with Tarot for something different?

A: None. And absolutely!

If you want to be technical it is all “cartomancy”. While it carries more of a “fortune telling” or “predict the future” connotation than I like, cartomancy is basically doing an intuitive reading with cards of whatever type – including all the various Tarot decks, Oracle Card decks or even regular playing cards. I suppose you could figure out a way to do readings with Uno cards or a game of Old Maid if you set your mind to it. I like to call things like that a “gateway tool” or “oracle tool”. My philosophy about cards, runes, palm lines, tea leaves, crystal balls, black mirrors, astrology charts, head lumps, chicken gizzards or whatever you use is simply this: they are all just tools to help you access your innate, natural intuition. The intuitive ability is there for everybody anyway…the cards and stuff just help us focus on it, hear it better, put it to better use. In other words, cards and so forth just are tools to help us get more bang for our intuitive buck. I like to think of it as being like those low wedge shaped springboard jumpy-things they use in gymnastics. Anyone can jump, at least a tiny bit. An elite athlete can jump higher than most of us. But if you bring in one of those springboards, anyone can use it to jump higher than they did without it.

It is the same with intuition or “psychic ability”. We all have it. We can all use it & follow our hunches and gut instinct. We can all jump a little bit. Some people are on the front end of the bell curve and can do cold readings exceptionally well, like an elite athlete doing a high jump. If we incorporate some tool or another, Tarot cards or oracle cards or what have you, then we can use our intuition with more clarity and higher intensity. We can all jump. We can jump higher with a little help from the thingy-whatzis.

So long story short…is there a difference between Tarot and Oracle cards? No, not theway I read them. Can you do a card-reading party with oracle cards? Absolutely! I always bring a game deck with me to parties in case there is anyone who wants a reading but is reluctant to use the Tarot deck for whatever reason (usually because they are worried about all the oogie boogie fate and prediction stuff from movies and TV). In face it is a really cool see through plastic glow in the dark card deck I found at the Carnegie Science Center….science and intuition meet again! Zombie Cat loves that! 😉

If you’d like to see how readings with playing cards work, just search the category cartomancy or HERE is an example of a 7 card reading with playing cards.

So there you have the longest “yes” ever. Thanks for you question…if you have any other questions about Tarot, oracle cards or playing card readings, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Speaking of oracle cards….

Good news! I’ve gotten permission from Molly Hahn, creator of “Buddha Doodles” to use her cards in “oracle card” posts here. Her card deck is in the final stages before release, so look for those posts coming in August or September. If you would like to see Molly’s brilliant, loving, uplifting, inspiring work…or order a deck of your own, please visit www.buddhadoodles.com. I also have the tote bag and the quality and energy around the products are phenomenal. Worth every penny!