Whew! I needed that.

Blogcation was a blast. Big shout-out to the folks over at Gettysburg Ghost Tours. “Spooky” was the best! If you like ghost stories with heart and history…that is absolutely the place to go! If you can’t get to Gettysburg, check out her books on the website gift shop. The new background is from a photo I took at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. We didn’t make it to Phillips buffet this trip, but Oh. My. Seafood. Because crab legs.

Everyone needs a rest every now and then, even from things they love to do. I don’t earn a thing from this blog (although I would really, really like to be busier doing e-mail readings – LOVE doing those!)…still letting it go for a few days was beneficial. Like the Tower card teaches us, sometimes you have to step back from the chaos, and take a look at things from a higher, more detached vantage point. That is true even if things aren’t stressful and you are doing the things you love.

And the beat goes on. July might be a little tight as far as scheduling in-person and party readings, but I have loads of phone times (since I don’t have to allow travel time for those) and of course e-mail is always available, no appointment needed. Did I mention I love doing those? But then who wouldn’t do their best work in their comfiest clothes, in their favorite chair with a cup of coffee in arms reach?

Being in a particularly Zen, informal, flip-flop kind of mood – am encouraging everyone to do Tarot readings the easy way. E-mail folks! Send the question whenever  you want, read the reply whenever you want, read it as often as you want – no appointments to keep, no driving in construction traffic, no heat, no humidity – just easy peezy comfort. This is sipping iced tea in the shade kind of Tarot for everyone!

Surf and Save in July and August!

Surf the web, that is. Totally.

Surf over to the email page web form or the free / coupon page web form and order an e-mail reading, or use the coupon code SUMMERSURF and your reading is only $4 per card.

You have to use one of the web forms or use the coupon code to qualify for the reduced price. Does not apply to phone, in-person, or party readings. Offer ends August 31, 2015. Non-transferable, no monetary value. All services as-is, no refunds or exchanges. All readings for entertainment, personal enrichment, and spiritual expression only.