Card of the Month: Knight of Swords

knightswords“Just Do It” 

To borrow a phrase from a popular shoe ad. We can prepare – as we should. We can think – as we should. We can hope – as we should. We can dream – as we should. But if we never DO anything about those thoughts, hopes, dreams and preparations, then what good are they in the end?

By the same token – in the ever present spirit of balance – blind action without thought is, well, kind of stupid. We need – you guessed it – a balance of thoughtfulness and action for success.

This is one of my personal favorite cards, because I associate it with the warrior mindset. Warrior – not thug or soldier or brute force. Think Kung Fu master. Think Jedi Knight. Think Worf the Klingon. Think Samurai. Think Ninja. Think the combination of wisdom, spirituality, intellect AND action.

Finally taking my own advice, and nudged in the right direction by the knight of swords galloping into the picture yesterday, I’ve “just done it”… I’ve cut the cord on phone readings. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stiffed for fees or had people forget (or blow off) their phone appointments. Time for Tarot to meet Technology. Time for me to hang my “open for business” in cyberspace.

In place of phone readings, you can have a real-time reading via skype or google hangouts with an appointment. If you don’t want to wait for an appointment but would rather have the human touch over an e-mail…no problem. Audio recorded readings are available now, with video is coming soon.

I’ll still do in-person readings in my primary service area, parties in a slightly larger area, but those appointments are limited compared to the online ones. E-mail, skype/hangout, and downloadables are MUCH faster. THOSE I can do on shorter notice, even the same day.

That’s my example of the Knight’s call to action. What have you been over-thinking? What do you need to put into action? Or have you been acting too much or too impulsively. Do you need to make a strategic plan of action…as a good warrior would…before jumping right in?

Happy 4th of July holiday to U.S.A. readers, and have a great weekend everyone!