Loss of Consciousness Gives Glimpse of the Non-Self–maybe?

Asking your well-wishes for a lovely lady.

You know that recent Q&A about life after this? THIS is the answer. Case closed in my mind. This is SO like Joy to make something so beautiful out of an experience that would scare most people.

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time imageI was somewhere peaceful.  Not really a dream you see? It was rather a space of no stress, no time, lovely floating.  I was a non-self –sort of I guess or how I’d image it to be a non-self… I wasn’t me.  Where I was there was no “me” as I am accustomed to knowing it.

In coming back (and I don’t even remember leaving by the way), there were the following impressions.  I didn’t see anything that I can recall – no form of any kind but I was not in the body and not in the space my thoughts usually occupy.   No time, I say, because when I slowly returned to my body that was on the cold hospital Emergency Room floor the first impression was that I didn’t know how long I was gone but it seemed to me like I was gone for a long…

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