Q&A: Cups of Foolishness or Playful Happiness?


Q: What does the Fool and 10 of cups mean in a reading?

A: It depends.

I read Tarot intuitively. As I see it, Tarot is just the doorway to insight…the cards are just paper and pictures, but they lead to more than just their meanings. They are a springboard to set intuition into motion. You can read the whole process in more detail in #PeaceTarot, but to answer your question today, let’s back up a step and give these two cards a little context.

First look at the order the cards turned over…which came first. If you think of the major arcana card, The Fool, as representing more energy and change while the minor arcana card represents a settling of energy and grounding of energy which direction are things flowing? Is this a hint that things are revving up (first 10 then fool) or are things quieting down (Fool to 10). Are these the only two cards you pulled? Or are they part of a larger spread? If you only pulled two, then having half be major arcana may be more indicative of a time of stress, change, learnng, growing etc. than if it is the only major arcana card in a larger spread.

When I looked at your question and looked at the card images for this post, I had an overall happy, bright feeling. What was your emotional reaction to the cards you pulled? What was your knee-jerk response to seeing the layout before you started to analyse them more closely?

Focusing in on the individual cards, the Fool traditionally means new beginnings (or a reminder to play) while the 10 of cups is almost always associated with happiness as we see depicted on the RWS card by a joyful, happy family. Cups are often associated with close relationships, including romance, marriage and family…which is why they have the reputation for being a good card to see in love & romance readings. 10 is as big as the pip or digit cards get, so it has an “ultimate” sort of feel.

Put it all together and connect the dots. My hunch is that the Fool card tends toward the “remember to play” aspect more than the “begin a journey” aspect. Combine that with relationship happiness, and I get something on the order of:

Set aside worry…enjoy the relationships in your life, right here, right now. As John Edward says “validate and appreciate” the people in your life that you love and care about, no matter how that relationship is defined by society – lovers, parents, children, friends. Share the love! Send out the happy and the happy will return to you many times over. Relax and enjoy the people in your life, don’t let worry contaminate the joy that is.




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