Fall Pre-view at Modern Oracle Tarot

Hi everyone!

Am back from vacation, and am now trying to get my head around the fact that school starts again in just a few weeks. Everything is back to a normal schedule

Had a fantastic time in Texas visiting with family. My musician husband played an open mic night with his cousin…in Austin. Austin! I remember watching “Austin City Limits” on PBS as a kid, so even though I am SO not a country, folk or bluegrass music fan, I’m still geeking over the notion that he played in the city. And SXSW is there – maybe one day we’ll get to see that. I hear it is crazy…but very cool. “Kick Butt Coffee” certainly was cool. Martial Arts themed coffee place…wayyyy in my wheelhouse!



August isn’t my favorite time of year from a weather standpoint…hot and humid is not high on my list of likes. But it is an interesting time of year from an energy standpoint. It is oddly quiet. Even if you don’t have a garden, there is an agrarian rhythm to it. After all the planting and weeding and vacationing and holiday-ing …now it is a matter of watering a little and letting nature do its thing. Let the end of the growing season take its course and get ready for the frenzy of  full harvest. It is very much our old friend balance showing itself…It is a quiet peaceful profoundly “yin” energy in the middle of the height of heat and summer’s “yang”. I’ve always disliked August, but I think my big mistake was trying (or being compelled by circumstance) to keep up the frenetic pace of early summer. Lessening activity, seeking coolness and making quiet peace with life in August is the summer equivalent of a crackling fire and fuzzy warm socks in winter.

Which, as Ned Stark says, is coming.

I’ve been planting a few seeds that I hope to harvest and share with you this fall.

New format options for one.

I get it that e-mail isn’t for everyone. I love to write. I love to read. So it is only natural that e-mail readings are my specialty…they are a reader’s reading for sure. As always, I’d like nothing better than to write something special just for you in the form of an e-mail Tarot Reading! But living with musicians I’ve learned that print is not the thing for everyone. Hearing is important too. So for all the audiophiles out there, I am introducing AUDIO readings. I’ll record a spoken reading. I haven’t experimented with it much yet but once I tinker with it a bit…I’ll either attach the audio file and send it to you in a reply e-mail just like with the written version OR (if the file is too big to attach) I’ll send you a link where you can download the audio file from dropbox. Easy.

Voice alone is more personal, but not quite as much as full on video. I HATE having my picture taken, but that is how much I LOVE doing Tarot….I’m willing  to get over myself and offer video readings. They work the same basic idea as the audio. I’ll record your reading just as if we were meeting face to face…and email the link to you. If any of you follow my other blog “The Vampire Diet” you’ll know I’m a pretty crappy photographer, so this will have to be pretty user-friendly stuff, like a private share via youtube.

Both audio and video recordings are no-appointment needed, just order them now kind of things, like e-mail.

Then comes the best of all worlds…

Online video chat, live and real time. We’ll make an appointment, and meet up online either with skype or google hangouts. Then it doesn’t matter if you are in my service area or not. It doesn’t matter if you are in my time zone or not…we can still do a reading that is identical to an in-person session and lets you ask questions real-time.

Keep an eye on the FREE / COUPON page over the next few months. I’ll be offering some free “test drive” readings if you are adventurous enough to tolerate any technical bugs we might encounter.

Plus I always have book projects on the back burner. Keep an eye out for those to gradually roll out here and on rondasnow.com as they finish cooking.

Another thing simmering is a new post series.

I finally got a new deck of cards. Look for a series of “Getting to know you” posts about my new “Black Cat Tarot” deck (bought as a souvenir of my adventure as cat-sitter for a neighbor and our evening with “Ghettysburg Ghost Tours”)

Here is a picture of my adorable new friend, Trixie. She had a broken leg, which is why she needed a kitty-sitter in the first place. Good news! The cast is off and Trixie is as good as new now.



On that note of cute-ness..

Enjoy the rest of your weekend / summer. I hope we can work together on a reading soon.