Repeating yourself? Repeating yourself? Repeating yourself?


I’ve seen a lot of talk around the ‘net lately about “following your life’s purpose”.

I’m beginning to think that following your life’s purpose (especially where romance and young adults are concerned) involves repeating yourself. A lot.

Just because we’ve said it or written it a million times (or so it seems) it isn’t so for our learner / sitters. It is probably the first time the client has engaged with the idea.

My advice for the week insofar as “following your life’s purpose”? Patience Padawan. Take a deep breath and say it again. If people already “got it”…then you wouldn’t have been called to say it. If it’s worth saying in the first place, it is worth repeating a few thousand times as long as it continues to help a little.

So here it is again

Tarot Advice for Love and Romance