Your Turn To Talk


Over on “Menage A Tarot” podcast, we named our listener comment and feedback page “your turn to talk”. We talked for an hour on the podcast…now it is your turn.

I need you to talk to me here, too….could I ask a little help?

Maybe it’s a writer thing, but I’m always trying to edit, revise and make things here as clear and as easy to use as possible. But being a writing legend in my own mind doesn’t help you one little bit. I need a reality check…does the website make sense to you as you read it?

So now it’s your turn to talk. You can leave feedback at with the comment form at the bottom of any page or post, or you can email it to Of course, any glowing recommendations are always welcome on social media or Yelp, too 😉

Seriously, if things are not-so-hot I want to hear that too. If there is a problem, say so! I can’t FIX it unless I know it’s broken, you know?

“Bulls$!t is everywhere!…If you smell something, say something!”

– Jon Stewart

I just rewrote one of my favorite Q&A pages, is this better or worse? (Are computer readings really the same as live, in-person readings? Yes! Here is why…)

Romance Readings are difficult…so many emotions…and sometimes the other person doesn’t want us to look at their energies. Add the problems with predictions…and things get, well, complicated. Does THIS help explain how Tarot and romance readings really work? What do you think?

The home page has been updated to reflect the new, no-appointment-needed reading formats. Live online skype readings are coming soon so we can work real-time, one-to-one no matter where you are.

And I SO can’t make up my mind about the background wallpaper…any favorites so far?

Please…browse around….then it’s your turn to talk