Getting to Know You: The Magician


First thing in getting to know any deck is opening the box. This one was shrink-wrapped brand new. When we went to Gettysburg, I had every intention of getting the “black crow” deck they had on the Ghost Tour gift shop website. I may get that one yet, if I ever come across it. When we got there, it was sold out. But with all the kick in the pants intuitive coincidences and a big push from spirit / intuition, felt like I HAD to get some deck or another. Black cat was the obvious choice, even though they had a variety of others on the shelf.

The box is a tight fit, and doesn’t look like it will hold up to the kind of use the deck will get (at least until I get around to ordering the Illuminati deck). Next decision: get a different box or make a bag. I’m thinking cloth bag for this one instead of the nifty purple hologram butterfly box (index card box, found for 50 cents at a walmart back to school sale) that I have for my RWS deck. Why? No tangible rationale. This is the realm of intuition and I can let that be what it is. And let it be an excuse to go to JoAnns and browse.

Speaking of browsing…

Instead of shuffling right away, or jumping right in with Kate’s interview technique, I went through the deck card by card, just to check it out. I read a deck review on amazon recently that complained of a deck with printing issues sticking together to the extent that the artwork peeled off of one card and stuck to the other when they were pulled apart. Amazon replaced the deck, and all is well with the world, but can’t hurt to check it out anyway, right?

While doing that, it crossed my mind to just pick which one I liked the best, based on the artwork alone.

The magician, totally.

At first I disregarded it, thinking I was just picking it because it is the one on the outside of the box. But nope…nothing better caught my eye.

So what does that say about the deck? What does that say about me?

A couple of neat ideas came around by engaging with the Magician card.

The magician card has to do with attraction and manifestation, which certainly fits this decks story. It is just that kind of whispering spirits and synchronicities that prompted the purchase in the first place. And this deck is, after all, the lynchpin to finding THAT deck, THE deck of the moment if Illuminati works out as well as I hope. The intuitive push to get a deck at that place and time, to choose the deck that just the information I needed…perfect example of how attraction and manifestation works.

The booklet that came with the deck describes the Magician card as having “powers” “not from magic but from “experience, curiosity, and the spirit of research” (sounds like science to me). The intersection of science and spirituality eh? Zombie Cat has found a brother from another mother in the Black Cat’s Magician, I think.

Another hint that this deck was meant for us to work together: New Orleans. Never been there myself, but would not object to cafe au lait et bignets at Cafe du Monde if given the opportunity. My husband is a musician and a Stanton Moore fan, and the whole deck has an energy like a good Harry Connick Jr. show (saw him at the Benedum once, and he rocked the Nutcracker snow right out of the rafters. Loved it!). Every time I look at the Magician, I think of Galactic’s Ha Di Ka or the Shadowman from that Disney movie about the Princess and the Frog “I got friends on the other side” (mental high five to the spirit guides for pointing THAT one out”

This easy first step has been an interesting one. This deck and the Magician card has been a lovely, satisfying reminder of synchronicity, higher communication, attraction and manifestation.

What is your favorite deck? What is your instinctive, reflexive, first glance, like-the-look-of-it favorite? What does that card teach you? What does that card say about you and your new deck?

Until next time…enjoy the magic.

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