Getting to know you: The Lovers


There is a coincidence. Probably a meaningful one, but less for me than it is for someone else, I suspect. The first two cards to turn up in the getting to know you process are for some reason two most popular. I’ve gotten questions about the Lovers and the Magician several times.

In any case, The Magician was my favorite card, just on the basis of artwork.

Today, the “getting to know you process” starts in earnest. Asked the question “what do you most want me to know about you (the new deck)”

After three shuffles, cut the deck and landed at the Lovers major arcana card. Took me ages of staring at it to even figure out what it was. The energy of it is totally different from the RWS deck. “Fancy and Fanciful” came loudly to mind. This card feels like the fairy dance in “Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel”. Frivolous…but connected to universal energies, fun and frivolous, but with threads of magic.

This deck doesn’t connect with the meanings and energies of the RWS deck. It isn’t a one to one substitution by a long shot. It’s a different animal. But then, cats are known for going their own way, and don’t follow the herd by any means. So it fits.

As it stands now, I don’t think this is going to be the workhorse, heavy use kind of deck. This is an impulse buy and impulse use. I can see this being the perfect deck for yes/no readings. You know, those lighthearted “magic 8 ball” not too serious but still with an undercurrent of profound kind of readings. Readings that may be nothing more serious than batting at a ball of yarn. Readings that might hit you later with something important…readings that play with your food.

Annnd cue the music. Once again Ha Di Ka comes earworming. On one hand I just plain like that song and like listening to Galactic. On the other hand, I might have to put visiting New Orleans on my bucket list after this. This deck reminds me of watching a James Carville interview on TV (you all know how much I like his quote about affecting over predicting). Colorful and fun, but basically right on the money.

Hmmm….this gives me an idea. Stay tuned for more getting to know the Black Cat Tarot.

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