Getting to Know You: Yes or No

2015-08-24 09.06.18

In “Getting To Know You – Intro” we talked about the lovely set of coincidences (or higher guidance, whatever you like to call it) that led me to get a new deck for the first time in I-don’t-remember-how-long.

Inspired by Menage A Tarot co-host Kate, I wanted to share the ‘getting to know you’ process with this new deck.

First was flat-out favorite artwork, The Magician. Next came The Lovers in response to the question “what do you want me to most know about you”…along with the impression of “fancy and frivolous”.

The most fun, fancy and frivolous thing I can think of in Tarot is the kicks-and-giggles magic 8-ball like yes or no card spread. The ones I offer on the site are my s spin on Joy Star’s yes/no reading. For the purposes of this series of posts, I’ll set aside the part where we look at assets and cautions and all the deeper thinking and go straight for pure conversation in the form of 3 aces = yes, 2 aces = maybe, leaning yes, 1 ace = maybe, leaning no and no aces = no.

Q: Would you be happy just doing yes or no readings?

A: maybe, leaning no.

Here we have the sun, the hermit and the ace of coins

I take the coins as a reference to the more detailed yes/no on the site. The Sun is happy, fun feeling. The Hermit also hits at deeper meanings and subtlties.

Put together…yes …three card fun and fancy (sunny) readings are good, but not to ignore the deeper parts when they come. Yes/No format is fine, but don’t write it all off as fluff and nothing. There is substance here.

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