An Invitatation


David, Kate and I are planning an extra special episode of the Menage A Tarot podcast – but we need YOUR help.

We are putting together a special Q&A episode for the end of September.

We need your questions! Ask us (almost) anything!¬†Want to know something about Tarot, readings, psychics, intuition, the paranormal, the normal normal, oracles, the host’s work outside the podcast … you name it! Will you win the lottery? I don’t know! Will you meet your soulmate this year? I don’t know! But we can talk about how Tarot can help with those kinds of questions – and much, much more.

Send your question to, tweet it to @menageatarot on twitter, post it to our page on facebook, or use THIS handy contact form on the Menage A Tarot website.



ps…could you help us with one more thing? this is not an offer for free personal readings! we need questions that will be interesting for everyone in our audience and that can spark public discussion…not for private problems that only apply to one person. we’ll be changing any private questions we get into a more general, public-friendly form for the show.