Please and Thank You

We need your questions please!

Have a question about Tarot, the paranormal, the normal-normal, about the podcast hosts or anything?

Send your questions for  “Menage A Tarot” podcast HERE.

We need your questions for an upcoming Q&A themed podcast episode.

Don’t be shy!

We are really good at protecting privacy, so you don’t have to use your last name. Heck, you don’t even have to use a real name at all. We are more interested in helping everyone learn rather than identifying individuals…the NSA we ain’t. We aren’t doing readings this episode, so we might re-word your question a little bit to make it easier for other people to follow along.

And a big THANK YOU from me

Sometimes the Q&A questions are from individuals who very graciously allow me to use their questions here in the blog as posts or as sample readings. My deepest thanks to those kind people for allowing their reading to potentially help other people with the same kind of concerns.

Other times, I’ll make a purely fiction Q&A to give a more general answer to reoccurring questions…questions that I get a lot of different ways from a lot of different people. I don’t put any personally identifying information (like full names or locations) in either kind of post, so thank you to everyone who donated a question (you know who you are) and also thank you to everyone over the years who have helped inspire the fiction-type Q&A.  You’ve all helped others through your kindness.


I’ll be offering more free-ish barter readings this fall: I’ll do a reading for you in one of the new formats in trade for your permission to share an identity-protected version of the reading as a sample of the new format….like before with the written readings.

Keep an eye out for those opportunities on the “Free / Coupon” page. 

They’ll be changing a lot, so please visit Modern Oracle Tarot often to see what’s new!