Getting to know you – the interview continues

Here is the saga so far:

Long story short, after several years of using the RWS deck exclusively for client readings, I was feeling restless and wanted to try a new deck. I’m not a collector by nature, and if it ain’t broke, you won’t catch me fixing it. On the other hand, variety IS the spice of life. Like that soup commercial said, I like the taste of taste.

In an elegant little series of synchronicities, the “Black Cat Tarot” wandered in here. Inspired by Kate’s (Menage A Tarot) post on about “interviewing” a new deck as if they were a person as a way to connect with a new deck, I’m giving it a slightly modified try.

The magician is my favorite card based on look, artwork and energy / message. The Lovers was the answer to the question “What do you most want me to know about you”. First it took a couple minutes of squinty-eyed staring at the thing before it even dawned on me what the card was. The answer wasn’t anything I’ve associated with the Lovers before. It was “fancy and fanciful” and almost the opposite of what I’d get from the RWS deck most of the time…but that gave me an idea. Fanciful eh? How about some yes/no magic 8 ball kind of spreads. That’s fun and fanciful and moves the whole show down the road a little bit. I keep getting the intuitive push that it might be a good deck for fun, fanciful, showman-ish, yes-or-no readings.  When I aked just that…”would you be happy doing just yes-or-no readings” the answer was maybe, leaning know.

Moving on…


Q:  Are you cagey and enigmatic?

A: No.

2015-08-24 09.06.18

Q: ok, are you playful?

A: Maybe, leaning no.

Sooo….this is a forthright and serious deck? That doesn’t seem quite right. It feels quirky and enigmatic to me. It’s new, and not comfortable yet. I can’t quite shake the cagey, playful, yes or no reading is the right thing to do with these cards.


Q: Now that we’ve done it a few times, do you like the yes / no format any better?

A: Maybe, leaning no.

Getting to Know You: The Interview continues – part 2