Getting to Know You: The Interview Continues – part 2

If you want to follow the whole daisy chain of posts about getting to know my brand new Tarot deck (The Black Cats Tarot by Maria Kurara) HERE is where the saga begins.

Back to the yes or no interview….

So lemme get this straight…

  • You thing you most want me know about you is “The Lovers” emphasis on fun and fanciful.
  • You lean away from wanting to do just yes/no readings
  • You are not cagey and enigmatic
  • You are not entirely playful
  • Even after doing a few, yes and no isn’t entirely right



Q: Do you want to do serious in depth readings like full spreads?

A: No.

oh for the luvva….what?

You want me to think of you as fun and fanciful,  but you aren’t all in for just-for-fun readings.You don’t really want to do yes or no, but you definitely don’t want to do serious readings. You say you aren’t enigmatic but so far….

At that point I felt like a builder trying to have a conversation with their hammer.

But also at that point, I felt a strong intuitive pull to do one more card & question….


Q: What is your highest purpose? What do you most want to teach?

A: Queen of Swords

This may be my new favorite card in this deck. The Magician is more artistic, and reminds me of one of my all time favorite paintings (“Keeper of the Threshold” Eliju Vedder, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh PA)…this one impresses me on the energy / intuitive level. It’s the sword.

Ok, martial artists…name the last time you held a sword like this….


That chick is doomed in a real fight. The Cat Queen will take you out.

Ok…this is all making sense now. I got this…

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