Getting To Know You: ah-HA, there you are!


Trixie, the kitten that launched the Tarot trip

If you haven’t been following the “Getting To Know You” new Tarot deck saga, start HERE.

I have to hand it to Kate. The interview process is genius. We’ve all heard the adage that “it’s the journey, not the destination”. That is particularly true in this case. Whatever conclusion you reach, this process is a valuable way to get there. It will turn on the lightbulb over your head that will light the way for you to use the deck, be it for DIY readings or professional readings for clients. The interview, whether you follow Kate’s suggestions or just wing it like I did, will show you your reading process, which is what this is really all about.

It’d be nice, easy and comforting if our Tarot Decks were some sort of an outside intelligence harboring all of life’s answers. They aren’t. They really are just bits of paper that are tools to help US access OUR intuition. The best way to get comfortable using a new tool is to use it. An interview like this gives us a “safe mode” testing environment in which we can do just that. If we think of cards as the source of the insights in a reading, then the deck interview really is like a carpenter having a heart to heart with their new hammer. But when you see that cards are just a portal to our intuition, then the deck interview is teacher. It’s like that carpenter making something fancy to show off their skills and see just what their new tool can really do.

A deck interview isn’t a bunch of answers…it’s a test flight and a shakedown cruise.

ooo…there you go. Luv a test pilot analogy. Interviewing a deck doesn’t just show you what kind of plane you have, it shows you how good of a pilot you are.

If it’s about the process, not the deck, then why not just jump in and start doing readings? No reason, really, but I recommend the interview idea. It shifts you out of your habitual, typical reading mindset. The interview process, as opposed to a typical reading process, hold up a mirror and lets you see your readings from an interesting new angle. It shines a light on biases, hopes, blind spots…all sorts of dark corners.

The perception that the deck is “fun and fanciful” is a projection of my desire to bring a little more lightheartedness & humor to readings. It also shows my unfortunate tendency toward adding a healthy dose of snark along with it – not to mention an appreciation for the “herding cats” nature of the Tarot community. We go our own way, and all of those various sundry ‘ways’ are just fine.

Which in turn points a big neon arrow at the Queen of Swords. This is a card of assuming your personal power. It is about accepting your own way of Tarot (The Tao of Tarot – oh yeah, book idea!) It’s about being actively true to yourself. That is the point where the Queen of Swords from the Black Cats Tarot particularly resonated. The artwork shows the realistic, comfortable, powerful way the Queen handles her sword. It is a warrior’s pose, a powerful pose. If you are going to touch a sword, you should know how to do so properly. If you are going to wield a Tarot Deck, do it will – with insight, self acceptance, compassion and wisdom.