Fantasy League Reader Style


It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of an handful of fiction writers, including the comedy genius of Dave Turner. (psst…”How To Be Dead is Free on Amazon. Warning: if you read it you will want to buy “Paper Cuts” immediately. You’re Welcome.) I’d invite you to put your opinions here, but don’t do that. Leave your glowing reviews on amazon. If you want to do the same for #Peace Tarot while you are there, I won’t complain.

But what’s the point of having your own blog if you can’t abuse it for your own fangirling purposes every now and again? The whole time I was reading Paper Cuts, kept mentally casting a dream team of actors for the movie version…if there ever was one. ┬áHere’s my mental theatrics:

Dave…Simon Pegg

Death….Simon Pegg

War…Sean Bean

Conquest…Kit Harrington

Famine…Tom Hiddleston

Anne…Jemma Redgrave

Melanie…Lenora Crichlow

assorted vampires to be named later.

Of course I can’t let you out of here without SOME sort of Tarot tie-in.


Three of coins often has to do with DOING something creative. It’s about craft and art and actual acts of self expression. It doesn’t have to be painting the Sistine Chapel or writing War and Peace. Any act of creation or creativity will do just fine. Even mentally casting a favorite book on a lark.