10 of Swords: It Sucks for a Reason


Sometimes things suck for a reason.

It’s like the Devil card, the 3 of swords and other cards remind us: Life isn’t always all sunshine and roses.  You can’t really appreciate the rainbows until it rains first.

Buddhist thought teaches that it isn’t the awful circumstances themselves that make us miserable, it’s our attachments and expectations that do it. It’s the wanting things to be something else that creates the suck-age as much as the stuff itself.

When we are knocked down time and again, it may be for a reason. It may be that our expectations and wants are getting way too far ahead of reality. It could be our very dreams are getting in the way of something better. We might be over extended, stretched and stressed and just don’t have the internal resources to do what needs done.

Maybe being knocked down time and again is a cue to stay down for just a minute rest, survey, re-evaluate…in other words work in a different way for a minute. Taking a deep breath, taking inventory, taking a minute to heal wounds isn’t giving up. It’s time well spent in your efforts to move on, so you can persist well, not just flail for the sake of continuing activity.

Know thyself.

You can’t know your limits until you test them, but it you test them, know them and still ignore them…then life will step in to enforce them.

Extend yourself too much physically, and a case of the sniffles will slow you down for you. Ignore important emotional and relationship lessons, and they will keep coming back until you pay attention. Keep trying to go the wrong way, and roadblocks will keep cropping up until you get the hint.

Sometimes things suck for a reason. Often that reason is to protect us from ourselves.