100% Accurate Predictions and a Big Cube of Jello

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Warning: Reading this post will make your brain tired.

ALL predictions are 100% accurate. ZERO predictions are 100% accurate. Both. At the same time.

This is all very quantum physics, multiple universes, wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey, guaranteed to bake your noodle kind of stuff.

Time is the fourth dimension. Just like space is one big thing, time is all one big thing. All of time exists all at once…the parts your consciousness will experience, the parts you have already experienced, and parts you will never experience. A “prediction” is an intuitive impression…a thought…a bit of connection to time/space that is outside of the present moment and outside of our available physical senses. If the impression comes from a point in time/space that you get to experience, the prediction seems accurate. If it comes from a point in time/space that you don’t experience…then the “prediction” seems all wrong…even though it is perfectly accurate for somewhere and some-when completely different from us. The multi-verse is a big place, bigger than time itself. Anything is possible out there somewhere. Just maybe not here, not in our little region of Time/Space

To borrow an image from “Star Trek”…. any given prediction might be 100% wrong for you – but 100% accurate for your goatee wearing evil twin from an alternate universe. There is NO way to tell the impressions apart or to direct intuition to specifically YOUR timeline…because any little itsy witsy teeny tiny choice you make can change the course of your timeline drastically enough to point you away from what was predicted. Time/space is too deeply connected to pull out that kind of granular detail. One bit of jello is much like another.

Imagine a giant cube of gelatin. Imagine your life is a thread winding its way through the middle of the cube. The thread is in constant motion: Time is always passing for you. Intuition and predictions can come from any part of the whole jiggly thing. The prediction comes from X location within the cube, but suddenly the thread wiggles over to Y location. The prediction wasn’t necessarily wrong at the time it was made. Just wrong for the direction you are moving a little bit after the prediction was made. Things changed just enough to put the “prediction” outside of your range of experience.

You control your thread’s wiggle…not the jello. Which all put together basically means that predictions are impossible. If all you want is a prediction…you’ll have to find another reader. I don’t make predictions. I read the jello to help you steer your thread to a better place. The jello cube can’t tell me which way you (or anyone else) will wiggle. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious to an objective observer which way things are headed, but that’s insight…logic and intuition combined. When it comes to pure intuition, it’s all about advice, decisions, and possibilities, not absolutes.

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