More Devilish details


It makes logical sense that Tarot has been around so long. It makes makes sense that the deck is so big, and that the images are sometimes crowded and complex. Life is that way, and Tarot has layers and subtitles and complexities enough to deal with it. Often the antidote for all that subtlety and complexity is utter simplicity. A good tarot reader can do that too. When you are thinking yourself in circles it’s helpful to have someone or something say “Uh – no.”

That kind of clarity can seem harsh and mean. A blunt, honest answer often makes us angry and defensive. Or at least that’s how I felt after that kind of message once, long ago. In 2o/20 hindsight, though, it was one of the most helpful readings to cross my path. It may have felt like a knife cut at the time, but what it did was cut through the BS and made the path forward clear.

It is true, as @MarcusBach once tweeted “people get defensive because they have something to defend”. That is so important to remember. People don’t just get mad for no reason. No one I know is trying to be mean in our Tarot readings. When you (or a client) gets annoyed and defensive, the trick is knowing what you (or your clients) are defending. Are you defending something precious from a well intentioned but dead wrong idea – or are we defending old ideas and a comfort zone that no longer serves us and might actually be part of the problem in the first place. If we could see where we are unwittingly tied to old paradigms and where we hang on to our problems, we wouldn’t need the reading in the first place. Equally unwittingly, we tend to defend those ties to the old when a reading tries to cut us free. A feeling of resistance or defensiveness can be as telling as the euphoria of insight. Both are of equal value in our learning path.

Resistance can tug us away from a dangerous direction. The devil is in the details of understanding what we are resisting, and what we are protecting.

Therein lies the value of the “scary” cards – and the Halloween season. Life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns, so neither is Tarot. Life isn’t all tinsel and chocolate, so neither are all of our holidays. Readings aren’t going to be all made of warm fuzzy feelings, and no reader can be all things to everyone. If a reading says “no” or a question is rejected as not appropriate for intuitive work, then the resistance or anger we feel at being turned away might just be the knife-edge that sets us free.


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