Deadly Doubt


Yesterday, friend and mentor Joy Star wrote an excellent newsletter about learning to work with spirit guides. I love it when she goes there this time of year because, in my experience, it is easier to feel this time of year. The “veil” is thin…in the cycles of nature it genuinely seems easier to sense spirit guides, work with your intuition, or take a spiritual retreat in Autumn. If you have any interest in that sort of thing, this is typically a good time of year to roll with it.

That being said, she reminded us of one important point…”doubt is death to working with spirit”.

She’s not talking about blind trust. She’s not talking about having to “believe” or “have faith” in X, Y or Z before you can have a relationship with your spirit guides or for psychic readings to “work.”

Instead, she’s talking about self-limits and self-doubts. She’s talking about staying in that place of fear where people ask the same question over and over and over again in spite of the messages, evidence,  or validations.

The “doubt” here isn’t talking about healthy skepticism or experimentation. The “doubt” that kills spiritual experience is more like an irrational denial, much like doubting climate change or evolution in the face of clear facts and evidence.

It’s a common thing to doubt and wonder…is this real? Is it just my imagination running away with me? There is a natural tendency (one hopes) to test and question.  But at some point you have to draw a conclusion and move on. One can either come to trust the experience and begin to build a relationship with your intuition / spirit guides…or you can reject the notion and move on to other things. To dwell in that place of doubt and uncertainty only breeds more doubt and uncertainty. Asking the same question, posing repeated “tests” in spite of previous validations, is a recipe for confusion and contradictions. That is where the blunt clarity of yesterdays Devilish Details comes in.

The same basic principle applies in Tarot readings. Tarot doesn’t require you to have any particular beliefs for it to “work”. The guidance is there, no matter what words, images or belief-speak that you drape it in.

In Tarot it is ok to test and question and THINK about a reading. It it seems right to you, then it is good advice worth taking. If it seems wrong to you, honor that.

And the same “doubt is death” concept applies to Tarot and asking the exact same question over, over and over in rapid succession is a recipe for contradiction and confusion. No matter what an external oracle says, at some point you have to trust your own heart and your own intuition.  If you don’t like the answer you get from a reading, then  that feeling of rejection is, in itself,  the answer you were looking to find. It serves no good purpose to keep fishing for an eternal answer that agrees with you in order to get some veneer of “validation”. The doubt is death to the guidance process at that point. Readings aren’t some special knowledge outside of yourself. They are a window to the wisdom inside yourself. All the external validation in the world won’t change that internal mistrust if it exists. Deadly doubt is the kind that doubts yourself.