The Never Empty Cup


If there is wholeness (and I believe there is), then we touch the same spark as the greatest minds and spirits that have ever lived.

If you need to balance the checkbook, remember you are part of the same universe as Nelson Rockefellar and the legend of King Midas. If you have a difficult problem to solve, remember you are part of the same whole as Einstein and Newton. If you need wisdom, you walk the same earth as did Confucious, and Lau Tzu.  If you see suffering in others or feel it yourself, this is the same place of being as Mother Theresa, the Dali Lama, and millions of unsung heros who do simple kindnesses every day.

On the artwork of the of the Raider White Tarot deck, it shows a dove bringing a wafer to an overflowing water chalice. That reminds me of our connection to the wholeness, the entirety of space, time and dimensions. A very comforting notion.

When we are part of everything, our cup is never completely empty.


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