Your energy goes where you look


Keep your eye on the ball.

We’ve all heard that advice. It’s as true in other things as it is in baseball.

Keep your eyes on the road is the same thing…you drive where you look, so don’t spend your time looking at your phone or you will drive, well, not on the road and really bad things can and will happen.

It seems to be the way humans are wired to interact with the environment. Our energy goes where we focus and mind is most often focused through the gaze. You can’t hit a home run if you don’t keep your eye on the ball.

The Fool card teaches this right along with the idea of new beginnings. You can’t begin a journey until you pick a direction to take your first step. Watch where you are walking, or you can trip and fall. The guy on the card is at risk for just that by staring into the sky.

The Fool also teaches this along with the lesson of remembering to play. Stare at the sky too much and you miss the beautiful vistas and pleasant puppy companions right beside you.

The practical advice is to pay attention…very akin to the message of the Chariot. But there is a philosophical side here, too. I relate it to the idea of mindfulness…not just paying attention, but paying it specifically to right here, right now, with very little of that attention and energy being siphoned off into thoughts of the past or the future.

Like texting and driving – if we constantly dwell on the past and hold a grudge, or if we dwell in the future and feed our fears, that diverted attention might lead to some less-than-nice experiences.


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